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We think free education is not possible especially in countries like INDIA . But all top universities in the world including our IIT's  are offering free education to everyone through video lectures, audio lectures and animations ( interactive) . But a few of us know about them. This is an effort to create awareness about the Best free educational resources available in the world.
Free video lectures and animations on all subjects Huge Collection. Text materials and videos on all Engineering and Medical Sciences.
Joint venture by IIT's and IISc
MIT Open Course Text materials, video lectures on all subjects
MIT World Video lectures
MIT lecture Browser  browse video lectures on all topics
World Lecture Hall  you can find any course here, where ever it is.
WGBH Forum Network videos on all subjects
Vega Science Trust Physics Special
Micro Biology Video Library  Biology
Animation   Genetics, Biochemistry, Immunology, Physiology etc...
National Institutes of Health Medicine Special

Business, Management and Leadership

HBR Idea Cast Archive
Interviews with Great Entrepreneurs
HARVARD Working Knowledge
Stanford University Videos
Knowledge @ Wharton Business
Huge Collection of many other including the above all.


What is a Chemical Engineer
History of Chemical and Process Engineering
Dimensionless Numbers
Fundamental Physical Constants
Gas Law Constant
Process Services Study Notes
SI Prefixes
The Constants and Equations Page
The Physics and Chemical Laws list
Conversion Factors
General Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engg. Course Notes from WSU
Crude Oil- Volume - Weight - Flowrate Conversion Factors
Process Associates of America Process Tools
Sheet Metal Thickness
Power Stations

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lectures
Chemical Engineering Reactor Kinetics
Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical Reactions - Notes from ChemTutor
CRE - Frequently Asked Questions
CRE Lecture Notes
Design of Combustion Facilities
Download papers on combustion systems
Heterogeneous Catalysis

Fluid Mechanics

Boundary Layer Applets
Boundary Layer Flow
Boundary Layers
CFD Resources Online
Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator
FM Lecture Notes from Quuens University
FAQ on Pumps and Fluid Systems
Flow rate through Venturi pipe free calculator
Fluid Flow Calculator
Fluid Mechanics Demonstrations
Fluid Mechanics Hall of Fame
Fluid Mechanics Lecture Notes from UBC
Fluid Mechanics Material from California IOC
Fluids Mechanics Movie Archive
Gallery of Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
Introduction to Rheology
Journal of Rheology Rheology Nomenclature
Lecture Notes from University of Leeds
FM Lecture Notes and Handouts in Pdf format
Lecture Notes from University of Iowa
Numerical methods for 1D compressible flows
Online Duct Friction Loss and Velocity Pressure Calculation
On-Line Friction Piping Loss
On-Line Pump System Design
Pipe Properties
Process Pumps & Filtration On-Line
Reynolds Number Calculator
Rheology - Main Page
Self-Study Material on Fluid Mechanics
Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics
The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery
The Internet Glossary of Pumps
Tube Properties
The Pissing Bucket Some Real-World Fluid Mechanics

Solid Fluid Operations (SFO)

Chemical Engineering Separations - Notes
Cyclone Separators
Engineering Aspects in Solid Liquid Separation
Ion Exchange
Membrane Separation Processes
Separation Processes - Lecture Notes
Standard Sieve Sizes


Basic Chemical Thermodynamics
Advanced Thermodynamic Problems
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Notes
CET Notes

Heat Transfer

An Introduction to Pinch Technology
Alternative Uses of Heat Transfer Enhancement

Cooling Towers Design and Operation Considerations
Correlations for Convective Heat Transfer
Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Tutorial
Heat conduction
Heat Exchanger Fouling Factors
Heat Exchanger Network Design
Heat Exchangers Design Examples
Heat Exchanger Network Design
Step by Step Pinch Technolgy
HeatTransfer Basics
Making Decisions with Insulation
OA Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries

Mass Transfer Operations (MTO)/ Transport Phenomena (TP)

Adsorption Phenomena
Step by Step McCabe-Thile Distillation
Continous Liquid Liquid Extraction
Development of distillation tray efficiency model
Diffusion Processes
Distillation Calculation McCabe-Thiele Method
Distillation Simulation - Tutorial
Distillation Theory And Practice
Energy Conservation in Distillation
In Depth Look at Extractive Distillation
Introduction to Distillation
Introduction to Mass Transfer Operations
Introduction to Trays
Online Calculator for Distillation Column Design
Overview of Distillation Process
Smith John French's Art of Distillation
The Rayleigh Equation
Tower Sizing and Pricing
Trays, in more detail
Transport Phenomena Lecture Notes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)
Chemistry & Industry Home Page

Historyof ChEn: Timeline

The World-Wide Web VirtualLibrary: Chemical Engineering

CERAMICS: FraunhoferInstitute

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Universityof Florida
'Chemical Engineering Magazine'
CHEMISTRY: University of California

CONTROL ENGINEERING: CambridgeUniversity


FLUID MECHANICS: Universityof Colorado

Steel On the Web

MATERIALS: Clarkson Instituteof Technology
PROCESS ENGINEERING: Universityof Karlsruhe
TECHNICAL: Enterprise Integration Network
Pollard Highway Products

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