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Why this web site named after Salivahana king

Srikashmira Mahadeva Kshetram established by Salivahana king

Ugadi/Gudi Padwa

Historicity of Vikramaditya and Salivahana By K.M. Rao

Indic Studies Foundation

Hindu Months and Time Eras

Salivahana Caste in Andhra Pradesh Salivahana caste is recognized by Govt of India and Govt of AP as per GpO.Ms.No. 28 BCW (M1) Dept., dt 24.6.1995

Britannica Encyclopedia

The History of India from the Earliest Ages

Salivahana links to Prajapatis

How long did the Satavahana Dynasty (Salivahana) exist




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