Child Immunization Chart (Vaccination)

Child's Age

Name of the Vaccine

at Birth

BCG, Oral Polio Vaccine & Hepatitis 'B'-I

One month

Hepatitis 'B'-II

One and half month (6 weeks)

Triple Antigen(DPT)-I, Oral Polio

Two and Half month (10 Weeks)

DPT-II, Oral Poilo-  II

Three  and Half month (14 Weeks)

DPT-III, Oral Poilo-  III

After 6 months

Hepatitis 'B'-III

9th Month

Measles Vaccine

15-18 Months


18th Month

DPT, Polio 1st Booster

4.5 years

DPT, Polio 2nd Booster

10 years

T.T Vaccine

In addition to the above HIV, Typoid Vaccines are the optimal to the Children as per your Doctor's Advice

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