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Most of our people are aware that a monthly news paper with the title "Salivahana" is being published from Hyderabad since five and half years for the exclusive benefit of our community people with a circulation of more than 1000 copies a month. It contains the news items pertaining to the activities of our community in the state of Andhra Pradesh in addition to maintaining salivahana vivaha vedika column. It is presently being published by Shri M.Narayana Rao with his personal efforts. As it was felt that the publication of the paper should be eternal, a public trust in the name of "Salivahana Publications Trust" was formed and registered to manage the publication of the paper on a perennial basis The trust board members for the present are (1) Shri M.Narayana Rao, (Managing trustee and Editor) (1) Shri V.Siva Prasada Rao, (Retd. Dy. Registrar of Coop. Societies) (3) Shri M.V.Naga Raju, (Chartered Accountant) (4) V.Madhusudana Rao (Retd. Chief Manager- SBI) (5) Smt. U.Sridevi, Journalist. The trust will put in all efforts to enlarge the coverage and increase the circulation. To achieve these goals it is proposed to collect donations to pool corpus fund for the trust so that the interest /income earned on the corpus will alone be utilized for publication of the paper without touching the corpus to ensure uninterrupted publication. Once the required fund is pooled, there will be no need to collect further donations in future. The trust board members  hereby appeal to all salivahana members to liberally donate to the trust for the noble community cause. There will be no upper limit for individual donations. Details of the donations received will be published every month in the Salivahana paper. Donations to the trust may be remitted to Account No. 30000720504 in the name of Salivahana Publications Trust with State Bank of India, Vidyanagar (Hyderabad) Branch on line (Branch code 3608) or by sending cheque/draft to

Salivahana Publications Trust, 1-9-295/27/8/1, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad- 500 044.

Remittance particulars may be advised to by mail to enable to account for the amount. 

Note: By availing the matrimonial columns published in the paper, more than 223 matches have so far been settled by our community members.


Madhusudhana Rao Vellaturi

For and on behalf of Salivahana Publications Trust.

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