Rajeswari Kasturi, Saidarbar – Hyderabad. From the Satsanghs of Saibanisa Ji

1.        While earning money, do not be lazy. Get the proper returns for the work you have rendered. 

2.         Be away from the people having bad habits and evil thoughts. 

3.         Do not aspire for the extra martial life affairs. 

4.         Avoid abusing others.  

5.         Do not aspire for the desires which are beyond your reach. 

6.         Avoid over ambitious in life. 

7.         Think always that others know better than you and you are one step below them.  

8.         Do not boast about you and your family members. 

9.         Do not hurt the feelings of others. 

10.      Live in such a place where you will get good air, light to maintain good health. 

11.      The dress you ware should be suitable for climatic conditions and not for pomp and show. 

12.      Your expenditure should not exceed your income. 

13. You should give respect to the local traditions where you live and at the same time, you should not forget your family traditions. 

14. You should avoid eating non- vegetarian food and drinking Alcohol. 

15. Unnecessarily, you should not criticize the Government and at the same time you should not shelter the anti social elements. 

16. You should be faithful to your parents and you should always receive their blessings. 

17. You should not hurt the feelings of others. 

18. You are responsible for the good character of the persons depending on you at the same time if you come across any bad character among them, you should try to eliminate them. 

19. For the advancement in the spiritual life, you should select a good guide (Guru). If you fail you will not achieve spiritual heights. 

20. You should eat such food which will give good health and longitivity. You should know that you are not living only for eating. 

21. To lead the life on a good path, energy is needed to the physical body. One has to have his own ways and efforts to fulfill it. 

22. While traveling in the spiritual path, beware of the people who try to deviate you from your spiritual journey. 

23. To lead a peaceful life, you should maintain good relations not only with your kith and kin but also with your neighbors. 

24. You should develop a helping nature so that others will follow you to help the underprivileged. 

25. You should live amongst your kith and kin the way the Lotus plant survives in the mud water with out having any attachment with mud. 

26. When you are doing the pooja rituals to the God, you will feel you are doing the routine job. But if you serve the Saints, you feel that you are nearer to God. 

27. You will reach your destiny safely if you avoid traveling in the wrong path / avoiding too much dealing in monetary matters / a pomp and show. 

28. You try to understand your capacities and accordingly accept the work load. 

29. There is no parameter in the Spiritual life so you should lead the spiritual life till your last breath. 

30. It is your duty to analyze everyday progress and you should not have contentment in the spiritual life. 

31. At the end of the day, you should summarize your activities and conduct. Question self whether you have behaved like an animal or a human being. You should once for all decide not to repeat the bad again. 

32. As a human being, in your day to day activities sometime or other, you are bound to get angered, but it should be like a fire to a small piece of paper. 

33. If you say that he is my man and the other one is my opponent's man that shows your mean mentality. Shun it. 

34. When plants and animals are living in nature with the quality of sacrifice, why not human beings? 

35. You should be away from the persons who are ungrateful in nature, the murderers of children and trouble creators in the society. 

36. You should not be contended with education, penance and charities alone in society. You should feel contended with your money, your homely food and spouse. 

37. In the birth and death cycle, there is no guarantee that you will take the birth as a human being again. To be born again as a human being which alone will give a chance to realize God, Always chant the name of God and tread the right path. 

38. If you want to maintain a contended lie – you must develop an attitude to help others, use the wisdom in your work and do not aspire for ambitions that are beyond reach. 

39. Unless you avoid unnecessary disputes in the society, aspiring other's money and women, you can not travel in the spiritual path. 

40. If you maintain a tree called BAD qualities it will give the fruits such as sorrow, unhappiness and disease. So try to maintain a tree called GOOD qualities which you will give fruits such as pleasure, happiness and good health. 

41. The good words spoken will attract good friends, relatives and fortunes. The bad words uttered will create enmity and lead you to suffocation. So it is always better to keep tongue under control.  

42. You should be mentally prepared to listen and accept the good words from the children, follow the good deeds of your enemy even.  

43. The physically handicapped, ugly looking persons, uneducated persons and poor people are all the creation of God. So do not neglect them if possible try to extend your love and moral support to them.  

44. If you walk along with the antisocial elements, the society will feel you are also a member of that group, so try to keep away from them.   

45. The blessings you receive from your parents and teacher are equal to the blessings from God. 

46. Beware of the persons who talk sweet in front of you and talk bad behind you. Such persons are even more dangerous than the poisonous snakes. 

47. If you are maintaining good health, get good education, good friendship and exercise control over senses, you are richer than richest.  

48. Broad mind comes to the fore ,the day you render moral support to the person who has committed sins and repented over his mistakes and now leading in a right way. 

49. The fire burns the physical body whereas the fire called jealousy will burn the life itself. 

50. The beauty what you look through your eyes may by ugly to others, so try to look the real beauty with inner eyes.  

51. You should know that the Goddess Death is not having partiality towards rich or poor, healthy or non healthy, educated or uneducated. She treats everybody with the same coin. 

52. You should know that one day after your death the body is going to become ash and mix with the earth. Still you are taking care of the body by giving medicines to prolong the life. Similar way after the death, the soul needs peace for that when you alive, you should chant the name of Lord. 

53. Some of the beautiful flowers which give fragrance will contain harmful bacteria. In the similar way some persons in the aristocratic families will have bad qualities. So you should beware of such persons.  

54. In the name of penance you can conquer hungry and thirst. But the day when you conquer the desires and attachments towards your kith and kin, you will be the real yogi (saint). 

55. You will water the coconut tree for first two or three years, but afterwards it will give sweet water for it's lifelong. In the similar way, when you receive help from the society, it is your bound duty to reciprocate the same. 

56. The greatest quality in the life is "You serve others without anticipating any returns". 

57. You look to the road side tree which receives the hot sun light and gives the shadow to the travelers. In the similar way, you should live for others. 

58. A fool will dig for water after his hut is under fire, you should not be such a person. You should think about the God while you are in good health. 

59. You should know that the society will recognize the good persons and in the similar way it will shun the bad quality persons. 

60. You know that very well if you do not do the charities in this life, you will be a beggar in your next life. After knowing this also if you are not performing charities in this life, you should prepare to hold the begging bowl in the next life.  

61. You should know that the relationships with the relatives and friendship with friends are like passing clouds in the sky and like floating logs in the river. They some times meet and some times they disperse. A wise person will not bother for the good and bad happenings with friends and relatives.  

62. You should know that a wise person will neither get excited for the praises nor depressed for the criticism and he maintains equilibrium.  

63. If you are interested to enter the Spiritual life, give least importance for the money, fear not the death and lastly the attachment towards kith and kin.  

64. The way the day and night follows one after one, similarly in human life sorrows and happiness will follow one after one. When you know this phenomenon, why do you entertain fear in the life?  

65. The way you accept the medicines from the herbs available in the forest to cure your illness, sometimes you should also be prepared to accept the help from the persons who are unknown to you thinking that they are God sent one. 

66. You should know that your wisdom is your money, your greediness is your enemy, your character is your beauty and your happiness is your health. 

67. The food you offer to your guest will be digested with in no time but the food you have offered with affection and love will be in his memories for his life long. So always offer the food with love and affection.  

68. You should know that half your life will go in the sleeping, remaining half will go in your child hood, youth and old age. Try to utilize your youth for constructive work in the life so that you will not repent in the life.  

69. We should follow the traditions / standards given by the eminent personalities which will be beneficial to society.  

70. Any spiritual book reveals that helping the humanity is dearer to the God and harming the humanity is the sin.   

71. You should live in a spiritual World where truth is your mother, wisdom is your father and righteousness' is your brother, kindness your friend, peace as your wife and forgiveness' is your son.  

72. Try to talk the truth in a sweet manner, even though the truth looks bitter.  

73. Do not waste your energies in the arguments and quarrel and try directing your energies for acquiring the good will of the society.  

74. Earn the money and be happy by following path of righteousness.  

75. Think that the things which will bring sorrow to you will create sorrow to others also.  

76. We will all know that the God is truth. So do such things where you can please God.  

77. You are inviting your downfall by damaging the justice and encouraging injustice.  

78. We all know that the idle man's brain is devil's workshop. In a similar way keeping the physical body in lazy condition is inviting ill health.  

79. While offering the charities, select the deserving,   

-           Going to their house and extending is the best way if you can.

-           Inviting them to your house and giving them is the good.

-           Remember that giving charities to your servants is not a charity. It is only a duty. 

80. If you want to be happy, do not indulge in too much praise or abuse, involve in controversial talks or hurting other's feelings.  

81. You should not give unwanted advises to any one.  

82. A person will be known as a gentle man in the society who will stickup to his duties and never indulge in unnecessary activities.  

83. You should respect the law of the land you live.  

84. Faith in family traditions, friendship with good persons and eating simple food will alone give you happiness.  

85. A realized person is one who will see Atma in him and the Atma in any living being as same.  

86. You should know that nobody will accompany you in your last journey (death); only good deeds will accompany you.  

87. In the society where justice is over ruled by injustice and good is dominated by bad, such society can be called a dead society.  

88. An educated who following bad path, a rich person who behaves like a miser and a strong person who avoids to protect the weak person, are burden to the Society.  

89. Past time can never be retrieved again. If you have not done any good in the past, realize and try to do some thing good now from this moment onwards.  

90. You should give respect to people after seeing their good character, irrespective of age, caste, creed or sex.  

91. You should know that the pain to the body is caused due to unjustified acts and the happiness to the mind is caused due to justified acts.  

92. The way there is no chance to revive the life after death, in the same way good or bad acts once performed, cannot be reversed. So think twice before doing anything.  

93. You behave with others the way you expect them to behave with you.  

94. There is limit even for being good or kind.   

95. If you give love and respect to your mother (living God) is more than worshipping God in a temple thousand times.  

96. In this world your parents are the only well wishers. Whereas all others will come and go as per their necessities.  

97. A person who is averse to extra martial life, others money, pride and jealousy is a holy man and you should befriend him.  

98. Starving the body and confining to jungles is not the real penance. Living in the society while following the path of non violence, truth, and showing mercy towards the lesser privileged is more than penance.  

99. Chanting the name of Lord without doing your duty is not right in spirit. Doing your duty correctly is as good as worshipping the God.  

100. If a person is slave to desires, he will become slave to all.  A person, who overcomes the desire, will be spiritual and everybody will respect him.  

101. The person who has not caused any pain to creature or human being will never think of pain in the hell as he has not given pain to anyone.  

102. Helping undeserving people and protecting the poisonous creatures, will definitely cause harm to you.  

103. Being truthful is thousand times better than performing rituals in the name of God.  

104. It is advisable to carry out the works which are under your control rather than under other's control.  

105. Anger is the root cause for all destructions in the life. So try to control it.  

106. The Deer will be attracted towards sound. The Elephant will be attracted towards its sexual desires. 

        The insects will be attracted towards the flame.

        The Butterfly will be attracted towards the sweet smell of the flower.

        The Fish will be attracted towards the taste of bite and inviting troubles in their lives.  

Can anybody imagine the problems of human beings who are having all the above qualities?  

107. There is no meaning for a donation if it lingers in your mind all the time.  

108. If a human being is living in this world only for eating, then there is no difference between human being and animal.  

109. It is advisable to live in this world with your own efforts even it is for a shorter life rather than living at the mercy of others for a longer life.  

110. Perform acts which give you a peaceful night's sleep. Always engage in deeds that will give you happiness in the old age.  

111. Never loose temper after noticing other's prosperity and your failures.  

112.  It is greater to control the desires arising in your mind rather than controlling the desires available in front of you.  

113.  If you loose all your money, still you are not a looser but if you loose your character you have lost every thing.  

114. A good person will always sacrifice his life for the sake of his country and countrymen and he will look for divinity in every act he performs.  

115. You should know that a person who is standing in front of your door for alms is indicating to do charity to avoid sufferings like him.  

116.  Having decided to perform a good deed, do it immediately lest not mind might change and good opportunity is lost.  

117. After preparing a good dish, the house wife will try to enjoy it with her husband and children. In the similar way, you should enjoy the good deeds with your fellow human beings.  

118.The way you expect others not to harm, do not think of harming others.  

119. While earning money, do not be lazy. Get the proper returns for the work you have rendered.  

120. For fulfilling the social and moral obligations, one has to earn money. So earn money in a way that will not defame and bring difficulties to you.  

121. Whatever money you earn, you plan a proper way for spending it. Preserve money for your old age needs only. The money you preserve for  not spending is as good as money not earned.  

122. Earning money is a painful process but when you earned in a proper way, will give happiness.  

123. The shelter under the shade of cloud and company with a bad person will give a momentary happiness. In the similar way, the happiness with money and youth will give you temporary happiness.  

124. No doubt, you have to work hard to earn your bread and butter. But it will be great if you work for other's bread and butter also.  

125.  The way the ants save food for rainy season, you should save the money what you earned during your youth for your old age.  

126. The wise man will engage in charities for a better rebirth. A fool will avoid charities thinking that he may become pauper in this birth  

127. The rich person will always strive to be more richer and in that process he will lose all the happiness of the life.  

128.  Earning too much money is like attachment to a loving daughter. But you should know that loving daughter, will leave the house after marriage.  

129.      You should acquire knowledge and earn money gradually, the way you collect the droplets of rain water in a pot kept under open sky. 

130. To protect the banks of a fully filled tank, you have to release the excess water for cultivation of paddy fields etc., in a similar way, surplus money should be utilized for charities.  

131. Keeping all the mighty forces with you and not protecting the weak, keeping the excess money with you and not helping the poor are one and the same.  

132. The way the water gets accumulated in a coconut, the money accumulates in life. If you do not drink the coconut water, it will evaporate in the coconut it self. In the same way, if you are not utilizing the money what you have earned, it is lost.  

133. You should not be lazy in earning money. Once you have earned the money, you should not be a spendthrift in spending. You should maintain a balance between earning and spending.  

134.  You have to save the money to such extent which will be useful to your wife and children for meeting the minimum needs. 

135. The rivers will not drink its own water; the trees will not eat its own fruits. In the similar way, a noble person will not spend all the money he earned for himself; he will definitely spend towards charities.  

136. The rich person is not recognized by his bank balance. He will be recognized only by the way he spends the money for GOOD or BAD.  

137. The person who earns money by way of hard work is the best. The person who survives with his parental money is better. The person who lives on others money is the worst.  

138. You should be careful with a person who steals your money in the small amounts daily without your knowledge than a person who steals the money at a time.  

139. The money you spent for self, your family member's survival and charities is only your money. The rest what you got is not yours. You are like a custodian for it which is in no way useful to you.  

140. Adding oil to flames will aggravate the fire; similarly without contentment enjoying the desires will ruin the life.  

141. For a happy atmosphere in the house, the understanding between the wife and husband is a must.  

142. After marriage, ladies should lead a new and a happy life with in-laws. At the same time, they should not forget the past life and give the due respect to their parents.  

143. Ladies are soft by nature. It does not mean they should be timid in self protection and protecting their family.

144. To maintain happiness in the family, house wife should behave at appropriate times like a Mother, Servant and Minister.     

145. A husband will get real happiness in the family only when he has a faithful wife, good children and proper returns for the hard work.  

146. Accepting or giving the dowry in the marriage is nothing but trading the children. 

147. Maintaining the illegal contacts between men and women is nothing but destroying the society with diseases. 

148. You should treat your wife’s mother, brother’s wife and your teacher’s wife on par with your own mother. 

149. For a better married life of your children, before marriage check their education, health, age, character, wealth and family traditions. 

150. To control the army, a capable Chief is required. Similarly for better control of   family, a capable lady (wife or mother) is required. 

151. Even though you have given a birth to a baby girl, she will not stay permanently with you as she has to get married and leave the house. 

152. The ladies should be given utmost respect in the society. If any one crosses this, they deserve punishment from the society. 

153. You should know that you will get many people around you who will go on praising. But it is difficult to find persons who will give healthy criticism. So it is your duty to select between a praise and healthy criticism. 

154. In the society, the intellectuals should be given due respect, otherwise, society turns lawless and will be full of unrest.  

155.  A wise government should collect taxes from the people in such a way as honey bee collects honey from the flowers. 

156. The way the Alum clears the dirt from the water, participation in the Satsanghs (company of learned people) will clear all doubts in the spiritual field.  

157. Self defense is your birth right. Accept the outcome in that process whatever it may be.  

158. You should know that self praise is the first step of your downfall. 

159. Like the night follows the day, rebirth follows the death, so it advisable not to think too much on birth and death. 

160. The person who treats the life as a battle and in that battle when he gives the equal stand for happiness sorrow, profit, loss and marches ahead, no sin will be attached to him. 

161. Naturally desires attract and unfulfilled ones will lead to anger. Once angered, wisdom is lost and downfall starts by itself. Why invite such a situation?  

162. Ravana and Duryodhana never listened to the good words of elders and engaged themselves and implemented unilateral decisions and history has shown them their due place.

163. If you want to be a successful person, avoid long sleeping hours, laziness, fear, anger and postponement of actions.  

164. People say that there is no permanent enmity and friendship in politics, but a person in the spiritual field will feel that there are no enemies or friends. Every one is a divine soul. 

165. You should know that every learned person is not your well wisher. In the similar way, your well wisher may not be a learned person. 

166. Hasty actions are the root cause for the mistakes in the life. So think twice before taking any action. 

167. Insulting the weak and poor person in the society may give you momentary happiness. But never forget one day that person may become a giant and swallow you. 

168. It is a fact that mighty elephant can be tied with a rope made with tiny grass bundles and small ants together can kill a poisonous snake. So understand Unity is the strength.  

169. Normally a person will commit mistakes while in power, in his youth, in richness, and having no sound mind. At a time if all these four qualities are with any one person - Imagine the fate of that person and society!  

170. To avoid the unrest in the country, a good Government with good leader is required. Electing such leader is also a Yagna. So everybody should perform the Yagna properly. 

171. The society should have fear or bhakti towards God. Then only society will prosper.  

172. A minister with Ahankara (pride), rich person with Greed, and highly intellectual person surrendered to the vices are a burden to the society. 

173. A Lion is powerful in the jungle. If he sits in his cave without hunting it can’t survive. In the same way, an intellectual person idling at home cannot survive. 

174. The friendship with bad persons will be like long shadows of morning and evening which represents your false image. But the friendship with good ones is like shadow of the noon which represents your true image.  

175. The friend in need, the bravery of warrior in the war, the wife’s role in poverty, and moral support of   relatives in troubles are time tested. 

176. You should be fair and frank when you are dealing with the matters connected with money, food, enemies, dance and music.  

177. A wise person will take future steps in the life after keenly observing other’s steps.  

178. Secrecy is of value so long as it remains a secret.   

179. Tying a stick to dog’s tail will not lead to straightening it. Similarly good words spoken to a bad person will not bring any change in him. 

180.  You may feel bad for the well wisher’s bitter words, the way a Doctor prescribes bitter medicine for your good health.  

181. If you nourish the bitter fruit plants with sweet water, it gives only bitter fruits. similarly telling good words to crooks is of no use.  

182. In this modern age, the persons with bad characters are projected as heroes of society where as the good persons with simple living are ignored. So it is the duty of the society to recognize the good and bad.  

183. The bad person will flourish with the sweet words. Where as the good person will flourish with the healthy criticism. 

184. Following the path shown by Mahatmas (Good persons) may give hardship during the journey but after reaching the destination, you will realize the importance of hardships. 

185. You are advised to take shelter under the shade of a tree which is having fruits. Due to unforeseen reasons, if you have not enjoyed its fruits, do not feel bad as you enjoyed its shade. 

186. The minerals under the earth, the trees above the earth are utilized by the mankind but not by the mother earth. In the similar way, the Saints knowledge will be useful to the society at large. 

187.  The head of the state should prepare to punish the bad, encourage the good, spend the money in a proper way, avoid partiality among his followers and dedicate his total life for the protection of the state.  

188. With dedication, if you rub the logs, you can generate fire. If you dig the earth, you will get water. In the similar way, a bold person with dedication proceeding towards his goal will certainly meet success.  

189. A wise man will not drink the salt water from well dug by his kith and kin. He prefers to drink sweet water from the well dug by outsiders. In the similar way, do not keep any attachments to sentiments and live above sentiments.  

190. If you are affected with any disease, you should get it cured without wasting a single minute. In the similar way, if you recognize some body showing enmity towards you, you should curb him at the earliest else you may have to face both mental and physical torture.  

191. An umbrella will protect you from rain, in a similar way, good will of the people in the state will protect the rulers.  

192.  If the person ruling the state takes care of the people of the state, the people will come forward voluntarily to save the life and position of the rulers. 

193. The hasty decisions and actions may give temporary benefits but in the long run it will show the bad affects. So a wise person should think about  long range benefits and act.  

194. A good person will always show gratitude for the small help he received from the fellow human beings. A bad person even though he was saved by his fellow human beings, will never be grateful to the persons, who have helped him. So it is our duty to help the good and deserving person.  

195. The leader in the society should follow the right path so that the followers will also follow him in that path. If this is not happened the society will be ruined. 

196. If the ruler of the state is not having good advisors then it is the first sign of the deteriorating administration in the state.  

197. A person in need will search for the donors and not the greedy person with huge wealth, the way a poor former expecting the rain water from the clouds and not from the huge oceans.  

198. The leader who will not keep up his promises to his followers, one day he will be treated like a mad dog by his own followers. 

199. We should not underestimate the enemy. He may look weak and small, but he will become a big headache to you like a tiny dust particle fallen in the eye.  

200. The sheep without a proper shepherd, and people without a righteous leader are one and the same.  

201. Everybody should do the charities, but at the same time they should not be like King Bali who lost his kingdom due to over enthusiasm in doing charities.  

202. Once you are entangled in the vices, it is difficult to come out in the way as when you are suffering with itching which needs your continuous attention.  

203. We should not befriend or enter into enmity with bad people as it is like touching   the cold charcoal will give you a black spot or the hot charcoal which burn the fingers.  

204. If you can not avoid the company of bad people, try to be with them the way the bird cuckoo mixes with crows but does not change its original voice.  

205. By mistake, if you are the cause for someone’s physical injury, it can be healed with medicines but if you hurt somebody’s feelings which can not be cured life long with any medicine. So take proper care in dealing with others.  

206. The one who obstruct you from performing bad acts, who encourages you to do good acts, seeing good in others and who stands by your side in troubles, is a real friend.  

207. A friend in need is a friend in deed is correct. But at the same time you should not reveal some of your secrets to him as he may be tempted to reveal the same secrets to others.  

208. You should be more careful with the sweet words of the bad persons as they keep poison in their mind and at their convenient time, they spit out the poison on you.   

209. Criticizing a good person is nothing but spitting towards sky which will fall back on your face only.  

210. Anger is like a fire which will hurt others the way the fire burns the wood obtained from the trees or the coal excavated from the earth.  

211. A person who was unnecessarily abused by others may feel the pain momentarily, but the person who abused him feels the guilt life long  

212. The life is equally dearer for one and all.  

213. One should not be carried away by other’s words and should always think twice before putting them into action.  

214. You should know that your neighbor only will come to your rescue when you are in trouble but not a highly elevated person who is away from you. In the same way thirst can only be quenched by water drawn from a nearby small well but not by huge ocean.  

215. You can see, once in fifteen days, the moon will reduce its size and after fifteen days, it will grow to its full size and if you cut the branches of a tree again it will grow. In a similar way, when you are encountering the bad days, you should not lose heart, as good days will definitely follow.  

216. The tree full of fruits will always bend towards the ground and the plants without fruits will always shoot up skywards. Similarly, a good person will observe obedience towards all others as a bad person will behave head strong.  

217. Normally every one will try to point out mistakes in a good person the way we talk about the black spots in the moon showering the cool and pleasant light in the darkness.  

218. No doubt performing charities is great, but still greater is giving an assurance of protection.  

219. A bad person with money will behave like an Iron, but when he is in trouble, he is like Iron in a molten condition. 

230. A good person while in trouble will not shed his principles just as the way burning camphor will not loose its aura  

231. Diamond irrespective of its being placed on head or dropped into a dustbin retains its value n comparison with an artificial diamond made out of glass.  

232. Physical charm of the body is holocaust by the advancing age. One may turn popper by lavish spending, but spending for good deeds are glorified even after death.    

233. A wise person will seldom over estimate his strength, but will engage in utilizing the energies for acts for a proper cause.  

234. All battles in life are won the moment the inner enemy of laziness is conquered. 

235. Wiser is the person who digs a well during summer to know the real depth of water table than the one who attempts to drill a well in the rainy season.  

236. A wise person will undertake the adventure properly judging the time and situation, but a fool will do the same opposite.  

237. A wise person will foresee the future repercussions of the present calamities whereas an unwise person will think of the repercussions only during calamities   

238. You need not hesitate to disobey the elders when they are preaching the wrong words and you should encourage the youngsters when they are telling something good.  

239. If you can appreciate and adopt the good qualities from your enemy and turn better, you are the real winner.  

240. The erupting volcano firstly destroys the plants and animals on the mountain and the flowing lava causes further destruction. In the similar way a bad person will first spoil those around him and then society at large.  

241.  A secret is shared between two and any third person knowing of it , is no longer a secret . 

242. A crocodile in water is powerful enough to drag even an elephant into water. The moment is out of water can be attacked even by a stray dog. Therefore  a wise man should estimate and assess his strengths and weaknesses before fighting the enemy.  

243. A wise man opens the door when fortune knocks on it, rather than expecting it to make entry without opening the door.  

244. Society has certain norms. Giving money to a poor man is called charity and offering money to a rich one is called bribe. Wisdom should be prevail while surviving in society.  

245. Being good to society should give confidence to live, but should not deprive the alertness to keep guarded from jealous people in and around.  

246. Earning money is a difficult job and even more difficult is the task of protecting it. So a wise man will earn enough to fulfill his basic necessities. 

247. A minister's wisdom will come to be known when he attempts to solve a crisis in the state. A doctor's knowledge will come to the fore when he rescues a patient from critical condition.  Under normal conditions, everybody will be pretend to be great people.   

248. As long as you are not crippled by attacking diseases or old age, engage in discharging moral and social obligations towards your family and society.  

249. A single wheeled cart cannot move by itself. Single wheel of life cannot move by itself unless is supported and aided by God's grace.  

250. Cows of different colors give the same milk which is of white color. Similarly pots of various sizes and shapes are made out of the same basic material clay. So life everywhere is divine, due to God alone.  

251. You should know that the human life, the friendship with good people and the blessings of God can be obtained only by those who are on the divine path.  

252. You will get Punar janma (Re birth) as per the good deeds of present Janma and not by any mantras that are chanted.  

253. A wise man will never aspire for the things which are beyond his reach and remains contented with the things available with him.  

254. The scorpion will have poison in its tail and a Honey bee will have poison in its head, the snake will have poison in its fangs but unfortunately a human being with a bad character will have poison in the entire body. 

255. As the age advances, you will lose your hair, teeth and functioning of eyes and ears will be diminishing. But even at this stage also the only thing that will not be reduced is the hope for survival.  

256. You should know that growth beyond a proportion is only to break, rise will be followed by a fall and all people uniting at one place for a cause are only to disperse, so also death follows life.  

257. When you see an elephant toy made out of wood, you will call it as elephant toy and not wood. In the similar way, you should see the divinity in all human beings and creatures, even though you can not see the God in them with your eyes.  

258. The dog will try to bite the stick thrown towards it but the lion will try to pounce on the person who throws the stick against it. In the similar way, a fool will try to torch the body to understand the God, but the wise will try to control the desires to understand the God.   

259. The God will be pleased with the person who prays for others happiness rather than looking for his own just like a mother remains grateful who helps her children in need.  

260. Everybody knows that the life is diminishing like the water kept in a pot leaking, diseases will attacking and old age will be pouncing like a tiger. Even then human beings are seen running after materialistic world. What a pity?  

261. Unless the destined time comes nobody will die. Even that time may come while taking food and food may choke in the gullet.  

262. Daily we will see so many premature deaths. But still we expect that we should live for a hundred years. What a wonder?  

263. The frog in the mouth of a snake will try to a catch a fly. Similarly, at any time we may be about to die, but we will not be thinking of the God but still engross in thinking of the materialistic world. 

264. The skill we employ in finding faults with others if is employed in analyzing our own faults, we can be transformed in to a wonderful society. 

265. Everybody will try to praise the rich to get the benefit from them. If they do the same towards God will bring in lot of inner peace. 

266. Consumption of salt water from the ocean will increase the thirst instead of quenching the thirst. So enjoyments in the materialistic world have no end. 

267. We can perform all the acts whether they are good or bad with a smile. But when result comes you will have to enjoy or suffer. So try to engage in such acts which will give everlasting enjoyment. 

268.  If a person claims that he is spiritual man and if he preaches that do not bother for any hard work and God will provide everything to you, then he is not a spiritual man.  

269. You can pre pone tomorrows work to perform today and today's work to this moment. But you can't postpone or pre pone the death. So do not bother for death and perform your duties. 

270. At times preaching intellectuals are worse than uneducated, when it comes to implementation.

271. The list of desires is never-ending. Most unfortunate lot keeps thinking of unfulfilled desires even on the death bead instead of turning to God.

272. The way, wind is needed for the traveling of the clouds, but the same wind with higher velocities, drive away the clouds. In the similar way, the attachments are created by your mind and you should balance the same mind for practicing detachment also.

273. If you feed more to the body or starve the body, the body will not perform its duties well. Similarly in the name of Spiritualism if you engage in spending disproportionate time in daily life, one cannot achieve anything.

274. The way the river finally merges in the ocean, you have to leave the body and your Atma should merge with Paramatma. So use the body only as a carrier to reach the Paramatma.

275. In the childhood we spend the life in playing, in the youth we spend the life in enjoyments and in the old age we will be thinking about the all unfulfilled desires. When is it proper to think about the God?

276. A person who entertains the Sanyasis with money, students with luxury items and protecting the thieves is worse than sinner.

277. If you start learning the spiritualism by reading the books, definitely you will land in trouble. Bookish knowledge will help for the materialistic life and not for the spiritual life. So search for a Guru who can lead you in spiritual path.

278. We know that for every action there will be a reaction. In a similar way, if you do harm to others, the same harm will pounce on you in some form or other.

279. A bad person will earn money by wrong means. If you are in the company of such a person, enjoying the wealth earned by him then you will also get the same punishment as he is going to get.