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The staff at community corner would like to take this opportunity to extend our warm welcome to you. Thank you very much for choosing to visit our website. This website is functioning on behalf of Salivahana community around the globe . For your assistance, we intend to provide a wealth of information that would be useful to you. This would include community related resources, H1 Resources, success stories, great profiles belongs to our community, Survival Tips and settling tips in US and virtually anything as you, our readers would suggest. This is a relatively 9 year old website. We update the web site at least twice a week. Articles and information are based on demands by our readers. We would also like to invite and encourage you to particpate in our Salivahana's Opinions Forum for discuss our issues and resolutions. All responses would be posted to our site in a weekly manner.

We welcome you to come back again and let us know how you like our site.

Thanks & Best regards.

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