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Aims and Objectives of the was formed with the goal of creating unity and help needy members for a new generation of Salivahana community is an Integrated Community Service based Platform catering to the needs of Salivahana community, friends. Our main objective is to build a digital platform to pass on the benefits of the Internet to the target audience. believes that unities among us are about the community members and their future, and not just about leaders. is fully committed to the pledges of our community development. They constitute the well considered answer to the genuine question from the people:  “What can we expect from a”
 We call upon every thinking community members in the state to enlighten their families and fellow Salivahanas about the new thinking envisions - a community in which there is dignity, opportunity, offering helping hands in our capacities. We planted a digital community tree. We water the community plant to grow and its fruits will be distributed evenly to the community.

Social Life
to Install into among the Members a senses of belonging to the society and to fulfill their aspiration for the social life

Basic Requirement of Life
Main object of the association to engage artisans for making and selling pottery and other earthenware of utility and beauty as association member are belonged to potter community

Knowledge of Rights Duties
to make the members know their duties and responsibilities towards fellow citizens and the state and to involve them in the development process

Education and employment
The secure hundred percent literacy in the society and to encourage meritorious student in their pursuit of profession excellence in chose fields by way of providing information, guidance and finance assistance To hold classes, lectures group discussion seminars.

Social gatherings
To arrange family Meeting, picnic and functions relating to Salivahana/Shalivahana/Sathavahana/Kummari/kulal/Kumbhar Community for the benefit of members

Health and Care
to help members on exigencies and to promote consciousness members on personal hygienic, health and care especially of children and the aged

Fighting social evils
to educate the members about social evils like alcoholic addition drug addition etc.. To keep distance from these evil

Communal Harmony
to strive for communal harmony and peaceful coexistence with due respect to religious practices of their communities

Establishing Institutions
to lawfully establish education institutions and such other bodies as may be necessary for the welfare of the members of the association.

Immediate Challenges
We must overcome three major challenges in the immediate future, in order to carry our movement to the next level:
  1. Grooming Local Leadership: We must develop effective local leadership from among the socially conscious and capable members especially those coming from ordinary and disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. Achieving Specific Successes: Community unity will be our first battle grounds for promoting our community. Our success in these efforts will tremendously boost the member’s confidence.
  3. Launching an Effective Communication Campaign: Creative and effective communication lies at the heart of any credible campaign. will soon launch such a targeted campaign that would cover all community members across the State, reaching out to even the smallest habitation and remotest dwelling.
Join and Support the New Community Culture . Today!

Overcoming these challenges is eminently feasible. But we need your support; While will need only a fraction of what traditional groups spend for their community activities. We still have to raise significant resources to mount a credible challenge and convert member’s good will. Making necessary contributions and raising resources is critical to transforming the present   culture. Ethical community development needs ethical resources. As you are well aware, ensures total transparency in raising and deploying resources.

The New Community Culture started off as a pressing social necessity of our lives and time, and it is not just an idea. The time for new community culture has come. And we need your support now to make real change possible. Register now to support and play your role in the community movement in India.

Clearly, there is a disconnect between the community activities and the young, educated Salivahanas on this issue.

Practical solutions and community objectives
  • Every member should have an opportunity to grow, irrespective of family’s income.
  • Community unity benefits should go to the genuinely disadvantaged and the poor community members.
  • The poor among even communities should have the opportunity to compete with the better off children who enjoy advantages of better, expensive education.
  • Eventually, we should create a community so that we can compete others.
What we are doing?
  • Member’s registration through our forum. Forum is useful to exchange views
  • Pass on the Important messages to the members
  • Established a digital cooperative movement all over the globe that will help our needy community members
  • Place advertisements of educational and financial help messages who are in need of help from the members.
  • Plan to Establish educational trust in which poor students will be uplifted
  • Promote our community magazines
  • Matrimonial advertisements
  • Promote community seminars, conventions that promote our needs
  • Encourage merit students from our community addresses the following issues
  • web site does not accept monetary funds. Rather it provides addresses whom to pass the funds
  • does not generate any income out of its website
  • promote transparent communications
  • reserves the right to remove unnecessary messages that slanders members personal privacy
  • involves in community promotion which is our primary motto
  •  thank every community member who support this effort
  • accept positive suggestions
  • does not welcome members who try to break our efforts and try to create an un healthy criticism in the community forum
  •  remove all inappropriate messages from our web site that are passed by internet users
  • encourage discipline among our digital members
  • always welcomes your progressive suggestions.
What is not in our control?
  • We don't have control on the email chains that have bad context in the email messages. Some times Internet audience show up their bad attitude this way.
  • We are not responsible for any dynamic changes made by their respective web sites.
What about promoting several community web sites?

Unity is one of the important things that our community members and leaders need to aware of. We need to compare our unity with other community’s strengths. We should realize where we are. What we are achieving in the society as a community. Self realization is very important. We should question you what we are missing in the society. is committed to promote our community in the society. does not have any problems if someone promotes another web site or magazine in the market. Currently is promoting Salivahana Patrika as its official community magazine. In this effort we do not entertain to destruct our image, Salivahana Patrika's image and our web site image in any form. Any fresh ideas from our members are always appreciated. This is free world. Every one has rights to promote their ideas.  Even though this site is promoted by a person but this web site belongs to every member of Salivahana community.

Why content is static? is aware that it is very important to change the content of the web site now and then. Currently this web site is promoted, designed and maintained by Sreenivasa Rao Peruri. This effort required lot of energy, time, and money to promote the community web site. It is not a simple thing. Promoter is already putting his maximum personal efforts on this web site. love to promote community activities. For this effort member's co-operation is required. welcomes every member to feed regular news from India. Currently Shri Madhusudhana Rao garu sending matrimonial page from India. He is the only active person to feed important content to our website. Likewise we are welcoming every member to contribute their local community news and send us email about the news. So that we can publish the same in our web site. We are not ignoring any suggestions from the members. At the same time all the suggestions need to be very constructive that help our community as whole. Every one of us has different skills. These skills can be utilized in our web site in different form.   

Why provide other web site links in it? provided various web site links in our community web site. The reason behind it to provide community members to aware various things around us. Our community is part of the society. So our members required information in their day to date activities. We also provided these links based upon members request. 

Is the Official Website?

Yes. It is offcial website looking after welfare of it's members. is serving the community since 8 years. We are supported by its members and governing body spread across the globe. Particularly we are official website to SEWA of AP, India. SEWA (Salivahana Employees Welfare Association) is performing community activities in Andhrapradesh, India. Salivahana Patrika is our official Patrika published by Salivahana Publication Trust. The editor of this publication is M. Narayana Rao garu. Under his leadership we are promoting various activities through this website.

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